Omaha GNK Winner - Ghost House

Shatenjager 17

Welcome to the party.

It's not a very good party. I'm pretty sure the host left a while ago. He said something about breaking into houses to fund his sports car habit. I think I found like 5 cameras in there, I'm pretty sure they come in a six pack so I'm still looking.

Ok so here we go. This is a pretty standard Geist build that I've painstakingly rotated and then watched it blossom. Let's go through it.

Strategy: Start with some early pressure, if you can. It's amazing how much you can do with just Dean Lister and a couple of one time use breakers. You are going to build a pile of cash, then threaten any remote in the late game. Use Spy Camera and Mad Dash to get a few big scores. Finally use legwork to keep them honest.

Specific Cards

Legwork: Wins games. As soon as they know you can get in anywhere, things tend to stack up in HQ.

Levy: It's Geist. Clearly you're bringing one. I'm not sure I needed the second one. A single copy of Same Old Thing may actually be better. But this does give you a solid late game against the slowest of corp decks. I kept it because I had influence and it's like a security blanket. Also Street Peddlers can snag it if you have no recurrsion.

Mad Dash: Great combo with Spy Camera. Watch out for Miraju.

On the Lam: This was a recent add to combat CtM. I like it, but you may not need it. Just keep your credit totals over 8 and you'll probably be fine.

Forgerr: This is holding on from pre-rotation. It's a link source, and a potential way to avoid an untimely SEA. Potential drop.

Sports Hopper: These are gold in Geist. Why would you question this.

Spy Camera: I dropped one last minute. I'd like to bring it back. Tech Writer makes money with this, and you can just fire them willy nilly to find easy steals.

Dean Lister: Solid Gold. Could possibly use a third. Getting one early brings out your early pressure. Also he knows who all the Deans are.

Fall Guy: Yup. Geist loves fall guy. Keeps your Off-Campus around. Keeps the Source out, or just use it for early game econ. This card is the best.

Hunting Grounds: Another recent add, but a quite good one. This is highly meta dependent, but I was expecting a CtM and Jinteki meta. This shuts down so many ice.

Maxwell James: A 5th source of link, and a nice Inside Job later if you need it.

Off-Campus Apartment: Escalate Geist's already impressing draw power even further. There are so many cheap cards here, so you want to get all of them. I usually mulligan for this. You can power through pretty much any hand as long as you are drawing off of your resources.

Street Peddler: This is effectively a draw of 5 where you discard 2 of them. It's also money. Whoa.

Tech Trader: You're Geist.

Technical Writer: Great synergy with the B&E Breakers and the Cameras.

The Source: Once you have a remote lock, some decks can't even finish with this out.

Aumakua: Oddly this isn't the huge powered turtle you see elsewhere. You are only going to run when you have to. The big thing this does is act as your backup. Dean Lister means you can make any run you want.

Crowbar/Shiv/Spike: I really enjoy these. There are so many multisub ice right now, and these take them down so quickly. Crowbarring a Fairchild 3 is so satisfying. When my deck is low and I'm about to Levy I might even just run to break a bunch of these to build up money and shuffle them back in.

24 Jan 2018 Rhaplanca1001

This is basically a distillation of what I've been doing for the past year or more. Love to see that other people appreciate my favorite runner. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks Tech Writer is a great supplementary econ source for him~