kevintame's Mimosa SC - CI Moons

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Mimosa Store Champs in Baltimore is one of the best store championships of the year. I dropped one game on the day but I think part of the reason is I was pretty lucky on match ups. Truthfully, I think I had a good chance of winning the tournament but had to drop after the first round of the cut as the tournament went longer than I expected and I had other family commitments that evening.

NGO Front seems good but I'm not sure yet. It is something else to instal and gives you money if you need a quick boost. It also is great to advance in a server and make the runner come and get it. Anarchs don't really like to break Tour Guide so making them run through a remote for nothing it is a great tempo hit. I also really like the agenda suite and like only having 8 agendas. Ikawah Project is just really good. I think it is always best to install and single advance agendas or NGO. You usually can score the 5/3 with Jeeves or Biotic, if you do this and getting a Project Vitruvius counter is a nice bonus. Also I think NGO is best at 1 counter.

I think Najja 1.0 could be just another Vanilla