Kim Kartrashian (2nd SC Prague)

5N00P1 665

This is an Apocalypse deck inspired by Django that he played at Euregio 2017 you can see this deck in play here.

The idea is simple, get your heap breakers in the bin, get money disrupt his play with Mining Accident and maybe play some Employee Strike.
Then apoc his board state and again especially good when he is trying to score agendas i.e. Install Advance Advance. You should find the agendas in his hand or sometimes in Archives.

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist can be used after you have apoced and the corp is trying to ICE HQ & R&D at least twice so you avoid it once.

Be careful with Inject it might tell your opponent about your plan.


  • Game 1: Palana 80V got an early Nisei, Apoced his board. Got an Obokata and then find the Philotic. (1 - 0)
  • Game 2: CtM got an early ARES and a GFI. Apoced him (NBN ICE is great for this) got HHN afterwards. Scored a Kitty for him, got a GFI in the same turn (4 Tags!) run on Archives as I thought there could be a Beal and got 7 points. (2 - 0)
  • Game 3 (Krasty): Lunatic CI, I got the rumors about him playing Hellheim so I was a bit prepared. Stole points, killed MCA with DDoS kept IHW in hand, got punitived but IHW fired, apoced him. Got another GFI took a card. Got Punitived twice. Should have taken 4 creds from liberated instead, no IHW in hand. Intense and really great game! (2 - 1)
  • Game 4 (adquen): Hyrda.... uf... when he get his Nisei Token I'm out and he knows exactly what I'm playing. Was not able to find my MKUltra he got an MCA clicking it every turn (8 counters?) to prevent me from apoc. Killed the only one with DDoS. He only rezzed MoGo & Excalibur to prevent me from getting through MoGo. Need to run his remote with Batty + Cortex. Kill (2 - 2).

I got into the top cut due to my corp deck mainly ;-)

  • Game 5 (dome_): No chance against his CI Moons deck, it was to fast and I was not able to find my or Rebirth as he was aware what I'm playing. (2 - 3)

I was rebirthing into Omar only rarely :-( but still like this deck very much!