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MoxWall 36

Big Ups to Radiea for teaching me how to Infuse runners into huge ICE, and to the folks at The Portland Game Store for hosting the tournament. I went undefeated with this deck, although Apoc Ayla went 2/3. And no I've never used Underway or Helheim, they should probably be CVS.

14 Feb 2018 MoxWall

NRDB thinks I'm using Ashe from What Lies Ahead, so it's listing the deck as not tournament legal ¯_(ツ)_/¯

14 Feb 2018 Sanjay

This list looks simultaneously brutal and fun.

15 Feb 2018 Bilby

Congrats again on the win! Had a great time playing against this in the final :D

23 Feb 2018 Radiea

:3 :3 :3