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kevintame 446

This went 4-0 on the day and my runner lost me both my games in the cut.

Agenda - I think this is the best agenda suite for CI Moons. Scoring 5/3 feels good and having one less agenda and one more asset to install feels even better. Gang Signs Leela use to be a really problem and Ikawah Project makes it much harder for them. I almost always try and score an Elective Upgrade and then win the game two turns later with Project Vitruvius.

Assets - Standard CI Moons assets. I've been tweaking the list of assets for awhile and I think this might be the right mix of stuff. Shapers and Crims Struggle against asset spam right now so your biggest problem is Adam and Anarchs. Blacklist is good Anarch tech. Sandburg helps when they are on Film Critic and you need to score the Elective Upgrade behind a remote. The main things to protect are Estelle Moon, Lakshmi Smartfabrics, Sandburg, Blacklist, Sandburg.

Upgrades - I used this a few times on the day. It is great to instal in the protected remote with moons and then pop moons and install an agenda in there. I like to never advance elective upgrade so it helps me score it the following turn. You also need Jeeves Model Bioroids to help you with that score by the way.

Operations - 2 Targeted Marketing because The Hacktivist and Employee Strike really ruin your day. If you know they are on either of these currents do not play Targeted Marketing early and only as a way to clear their current. Ultimately they will win the current war so use these wisely. Some good cards to pick are SMC, MkUltra, Liberated Accounts, Magnum Opus. I dropped to 2 Biotic Labor and 2 Ultraviolet Clearance because I wanted Targeted Marketing. You could maybe drop a Team Sponsorship to get back one of these but I find having more things to install to be a better play.

Ice - Pretty standard Ci Moon Ice. Most runners can't repetitively break Tour Guide. You run 6 sentry so this is why calling out MkUltra with Targeted Marketing is so good.

One of my matches was on stream here.