good fundamentals (1st, Rook OTR SC)

stoppableforce 575

Purely a coincidence that this deck ended up close to Thike's. Or maybe not; I mean, the core of this Adam archetype is pretty solid. I'm not as sold on 3 Aumakua; I installed it in a single game today and it failed to ever get a token between Neutralize all Threats and stealing agendas.

Corp deck was 80V; it had a loss, a win, and a timed win. Adam didn't drop a game vs CTM, Titan, and another copy of 80V. Yeah, it was a 4 person store championship. Y'all missed out.

19 Feb 2018 dawspawn

The tater tots were 12/10.

19 Feb 2018 stoppableforce

Brunch tech is best tech.