Turbo Vamp - 1st Place at Battlegrounds SC (24 people)

tf34 1380

go fast, money, vamp

12 Feb 2017 konradh

Keyhole is still a card

16 Feb 2017 stephenball

I just wanted to comment that this deck should have more likes/favorites/comments because it's really powerful, haha. It's not my style of MaxX deck, but it's definitely better than the ones I play. Congrats on your win.

8 Mar 2017 caelan

looks fun, will try it out

2 Apr 2017 Peculot

Took 1st place in a local store champ with slightly modified version of this. Swapped rumor mill, 1 deja vu and a scrubber for keyhole, archives interface and mad dash.

Mad dash and extra keyhole came in handy, archives interface not so much