Fair Enough PE (2nd and 5-1 at Dice & Donuts SC)

paulyg 1034

After the Manchester store champs, Richard Hammond (who won and was also my lift home) gave me some advice about how to do better in tournaments. We covered a bunch of things, but he said "give my PE list a try next time".

So I grabbed his Even Fairer PE list and set about tinkering with it to make it slightly worse (I just can't stop myself) so that I could play exciting new cards. And I took it to Dice & Donuts store champs.

I swapped an Anansi in for a DNA Tracker, Reverse Infection for Cyberdex and an NGO Front for a Snare. As it turned out, viruses were pretty much a non-issue in my games and I only rezzed the Anansi once (it did a lot of work that game though). The NGO Front, though, was great and I didn't miss my third Snare. Originally I was expecting to use NGO to bait runs through nasty ice, but actually I mainly used it as emergency money or to play around Beth. I could quite happily IAA it, and runners would usually not check it (and if they did, no big deal). I noticed this so much that I naked scored an Obokata like this in game 1 of the finals.

I went 5-1 on the day with this list, with the single loss to Pirate Hayley in a game where I only saw two pieces of ice and my opponent went fast. The economic consistency feels great, there are lots of fun lines of play and you get to surprise Chronos Project people from time to time. Snare + Prisec is an amazing server, which let me kill a loaded Turning Wheel and a Critic in one game when the runner couldn't shake the tags.

I made my first SC cut and finished second, with this list doing all the work and my MaxX play being just about good enough. Thanks to Richard for the advice :)

19 Mar 2018 onibaku06

Congrats on your great finish in SC.

21 Mar 2018 3N1GM4

Can confirm Chronos makes MaxX very sad. :) Congrats again on the result!