Laser Wu (1st Gent GNK, 9th King of Lasers)

ayyyliens 537

Original list: here

Gent GNK

Won: Sportsmetal, NEH, Spark

Loss: Biotech

King of Lasers side event


Loss: Sportsmetal, Skorpios

26 Nov 2018 FREDPI

So sad I did not have a chance to play against this at the GNK. Looks amazing, What's your plan against Argus?

26 Nov 2018 Severijn

Marathon + Au Revoir is a spicy combination!

Do you think three The Turning Wheels are necessary? Why 46 cards, by the way?

26 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

Because you spend most of the early game jacking out, the corp has a boardstate advantage. You kinda want 3x of everything to improve consistency. Turning Wheel is your only central pressure and without it mad dash is useless. This deck already does well versus asset decks, but we figured it would be hilarious to use marathon. Its 2 free credits a turn on every open remote. 46 cards in shaper is a meme, run 45 cards and your draw will be awful. Run 46 cards and you will always find your key pieces (1x Citadel Sanctuary in opening hand versus Door2Door Sync, iam sorry Bas)

26 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

@FREDPISafely install all the Au Revoirs, make sure you can spend a full turn jackingout for 12 credits. Also have a way to tutor misdirection (Clone chip, SMC's left in stack, flameout with credits). If they have a nuts opening hand (multiple EcoWars into HHN) they deserve to win anyway.

27 Nov 2018 Dis

@ayyyliens How is marathon free credits on every open remote? You don't get it back if the run is not successful.

I mean it lets you check them all with only one click which is nice when combined with super mopus, but not free money?

28 Nov 2018 EnderA

Marathon is nice in that it conserves clicks when checking remotes, and 1c for 1 click is an amazing deal with the engine set up, but @Dis is correct, it doesn't combo with Au Revoir specifically. The run must be successful, and jacking out makes it unsuccessful. Thus it may be redundant, since the asset spam matchup is so favorable anyways.

The only changes I can think of are switching to Employee Strike as the restricted card choice (MTI is a significant threat to the gameplan, especially early), and going up on Dhegdheers/Laamb for more consistency/Ankusa triggers per turn. If you really want an extra point, Notoriety is an option.