ARE YOU THE BRAIN SPECIALIST? v1.3 (7th King of Subways 2-3)

Shiiuga 1206

Null is by no means a top tier ID but I think this might be about as good as it is possible to make a Null deck by leveraging his ability to get early accesses.

This went 2-1 at the Highlander Comics and Games SC and 2-3 at King of Subways II.

Mulligan for Aumakua and in some matchups Film Critic but keep it you have a solid opening resource package (Liberated & Earthrise, even more so if you have a Career Fair) as that can get you those cards quickly enough.

You want FTT and RNG set up as quickly as possible and to keep R&D pretty well locked. Dean Lister and Stimhack make a mockery of Jinja servers.

Run fast, run often, force them in to decisions they don't want to make. Null plus Scrubbed plus Ice Carver make it hard for them to keep you out early and help to rebuild turtle counters after a purge. I've rarely felt as comfortable rebuilding after a purge with turtle as I do with this deck.

A lot of people forget about Null's ability when doing maths and you end up getting in to more servers because they rezzed ice they thought you couldn't break.

If I made any changes I'd drop the Trope as it proved pretty useless and possibly the Turntable as you only generally need one or two of the conspiracy breakers as backup. I'd probably switch them out for more econ as it does run out of steam a little if a game goes long.