All In Your Head (RC.V1)

realitycheque 133

I like to murder people with net damage. Meat damage is just so 2016, and well let's face it brain damage never really caught on. So I was very interested in this list from bridgeman but sometimes found myself missing information on cards in the runners hand if they'd been careful - so I put a Neural EMP in as you can use it in the same turn as a Complete Image.

In the 13ish games I've played with this, it's won 10 or so - over half of which have been 4 card kills. So not a great win rate, but fun when it works :D

My last piece of advice is that if the runner has two cards in hand and one is Rezeki - pick Rezeki. It hasn't failed me yet.

11 May 2020 Bridgeman

Hey! Cool to see the deck being used :)