Red Painted NEH (9th at UK Nats)

swearyprincess 134

I saw a version of this deck win Stevenage Regional, and it reminded me how much I like NEH.


So, I borrowed it and made a few tweaks, taking it to Worlds first, then UK Nats. I didn't practice much with it before Worlds (where it went 4-2) - the Worlds list had 2 HHN in, but they did nothing all day because all my opponents were rich and most games finished with me holding 3+ operations I didn't use - so I threw all the operations out and replaced them with more assets and 2x Crisium Grids.

Two Liza and a Stargate Shaper test game later, I put back the Psychos and Preemptives, and added a Diversified for burst econ to fuel the psychographics.

Lady Liberty won me some games, either directly or by making the runner have to go broke running it to stop me scoring 6 points in 3 turns.

I'd have liked a 3rd Turtlebacks, and would probably switch a Crisium out for it if I was to run this deck again.

So, on to the games!

Game 1 vs Will (Val) - solid start, went very fast and even the bad pub couldn't let him keep up.

Game 2 vs Joe (Ken) - Swift meant Joe kept up with my pace as he effectively had a free run every turn, and R&D handed out agendas like they were sweets to a kid in a cool halloween costume. Bad times!

Game 3 vs Eady (Val) - everything was going nicely until Eady blew up my board - which is only fair, as I did the same to him. I managed to start getting set up again but I'd lost too much momentum and he had his face-down cards to use for stealing 2 Degree Mills in the same turn.

Game 4 vs Ryan (Adam) - baiting Ryan into paying through the nose to break Wraparound with Engolo a few times with random sacrificial assets pretending to be agendas (thanks, Neutralise All Threats!) opened up some lovely scoring windows and I scored out fairly comfortably.

Game 5 vs Rob (Liza) - Rob kept killing my econ assets, leaving me pretty poor although I did manage to Psychographics out a Degree Mill early. Repeated Doofs, kept me down but a sneaky 15 Minutes score got me on 4 points, then slowly clicking for creds while I waited for a Psycho to come back around let me score a slightly bigger Beale to claim the win. As this was a 241, it put me within striking distance of the cut!

Game 6 vs Swiftie - did not play this match, as the 241 had me play as Runner (spoiler alert: I won)

Over all I went 3-2 with this deck, which combined with 4-1 as Alice put me on the same points as most of the top 8... but my weak SoS kept me out of the cut. So close!