[TWA] Rielle in Red v:1.03

Shielsy 923

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5 Mar 2015 lgbiteman

I'd rather see discussion about the deck. You link the decks in the article, but don't actually talk about them beyond linking them...

Why Desperado, especially when kit tends to want to run once per turn? Could you talk about your card choices a little bit more than "go read the article on the blog..."

6 Mar 2015 p3t00h

The sire above tells ye the truth: thy gonna die a miserable death of pauper, paying all your talers to install rig while corp will give you a ride on Astro/Atlas/Vitruvius Train. Sometimes the run will cost you 9001 and thy haveth nigh Yog.0 to run for free atop thine Dinosaurus.

6 Mar 2015 krystman

As @p3t00h mentioned, I really don't see how Desperado will be helping. Especially not "I-am-going-to-spend-more-than-50%-of-my-influience-just-on-this"-helping. Wouldn't an Astrolabe work just as well? Especially since there is no card draw what so ever?

Woman in the Red Dress doesn't seem like a wise choice to me if all the HQ pressure is just a single Nerve Agent. If corp draws that agenda, Kit will likely only have one shot at that HQ. In order to see a meaningful number of cards, Nerve Agent would have had to be out for a couple of turns and pumped up with Tokens. Why having 3x Red Dresses? Do you REALLY want to drop it without any HQ pressure in place?

Other things that confuse me - The is no cheap solution for Architect? - Why are there there two Femmes? - Economy seems a bit thin. - Not enough MU for a full breaker suite, Nerve Agent AND the Cloaks.

On the other hand, I really like the Refractor / Torch two-stage combo. Most people think of Yog but with Torch you can keep using the Stealth credits you set up for Refractor. I also think Inti/Lady is rock solid. Could become the standard Shaper.

1 Apr 2015 Shielsy

@poorhaus I think If I played this tomorrow I think I would cut 1 Modded and 2 R&D interface for 3 Deisel.

It's a strange kind of decision to make but the core idea that this list is built on sort of goes like:

  • find a Refractor/Torch (with Test Run + Scavenge if you need to)

  • tutor for the Nerve Agent

  • use 2 or 3 reccuring creds to make at least 1 run on HQ a turn

now there are plenty of issues with a strategy this linear:

  • if the corp is fast advancing then they can play off of the top

  • if the corp has some decent middle or large ICE it can be pretty hard to get in reliably, especially when those kinds of decks usually play very few agendas.

  • once the corp has a decent remote they can simply hide their agendas in it, away from your nerve agent pressure.

Woman in the red dress actually solves all of these issues really elegantly, since it trigger on the runners turn. This means that you always get to know whether that agenda is in HQ or on R&D, and have the opportunity to take it before it gets hidden in a large remote or scored off a San-San.

So when an agenda pops up and the corp leaves it on top, you can find a dog and get in there to take it. If the corps puts that agenda in hand you can test run a Femme and attack HQ with your Nerve Agent.

Because the pieces come together in such a responsive way the Modded is pretty restrictive, but it's still worth having 2 because it is so efficient.

However since you almost never run R&D once you have Women in the Red Dress in play, the RDI is mostly just dead weight. On the other hand Diesel is obviously very flexible and actually stronger here than in the average deck given how important it is to find your pieces early (like the Test Run/ Scavenge 2 card combo or a Lockpick) and have the opportunity to go to discard with Torch and Femme (since you cant Test Run from your grip, and 9 is waaaay too expensive).

I also think there's some merit in moving 1 Femme into 1 Datasucker.

With the 2 Femmes I mostly reasoned that without access to the full Mimic+Femme+Datasucker package any killer suite was going to be relatively inefficient, so I might as well always be able to test run for a Femme (even if I draw one).

In practice though, having a single Datasucker is a good deal. Almost every run you make is on a central, and the cost of 1 str is actually 2 credits off Inti and Femme. It also lets you put a little bit of threat into Archives (via a Desperado/Datasucker economy), which is good enough to force a rez on Archives, which is one less ICE on HQ or R&D.

So I think that the Diesels actually open up your play enough to justify going down to 1 Femme.

Anyway I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. If you've got any more don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks for the kind words and great suggestions :)

1 Apr 2015 poorhaus

Awesome- thanks for the response. I'll give WiR a try. Datasucker seems like a prudent call as well. With that, the desperado and the recurring credits this deck seems like it can stay reasonably strong in the midgame. I actually think Modded is underrated in efficiency- was happy to see it in the list. But it does tend to sit in hand for a few turns.

I had a sense that HQ & Nerve Agent should be priority #1 but didn't realize it was the entire gameplan. It seems like Jackson could be a major buzzkill for this deck, both by allowing agenda flushes and by shuffling R&D as needed. But as a balls out Aggressive deck that looks to win within ~10 turns (doable considering corp will see 16+ cards in this time and there's a great chance to access them all), makes sense. I'll give it some testing. Obviously significant damage of any kind is a real risk but I suppose that's all part of the tradeoff.

13 May 2015 poorhaus

Published the small mods I made to this list after testing it for a few weeks. It's a strong play in the Meta Psi Game! netrunnerdb.com