Leela (Worlds 2016)

Ino209 333

This is my runner deck, loosely based on the Kitty Cornered deck published a couple of weeks ago.

My edits were to buff the breaker suite a bit but retain the Fisk Investment Seminar + Gang Sign + Rumor Mill synergy.

I got matched up with a lot of HB decks during day 1 of Swiss, which is a really bad matchup for this deck. Advanced Assembly Lines makes Leela sad.

6 Nov 2016 x3r0h0ur

Cool stuff. HB is tough for this type. I think the anti synergy with drugs and real breakers hurts the deck. That said adding temu seems pretty good to buff it back up, and sec testing is ever present. Seems vulnerable to keegan/batty if they can keep you off the Mill. Sad to see you didn't do well due to the pairings, especially considering the NBN dominance, and how good of an NBN MU you should have had.

6 Nov 2016 Ino209

@x3r0h0urAgainst NBN I'm usually super rich, so the drug dealers hurt me less, but they should probably get cut, or Faust could be added.

7 Nov 2016 CodeMarvelous

10/10 would gang sign again

10 Nov 2016 grueble

I've been running a very similar deck using the stealth suite instead of regular breakers. I wouldn't say it's super competitive but it's a fun deck to pilot, give it a try if you're into the drugs-style Leela. I'll post my list and link it here so that people can see it.

10 Nov 2016 grueble