Jinteki - Up Close and Personal (Charity Gift 2016)

raegar 12

This is the Corp deck that I took to the 2016 Charity Gift tournament at Patriot Games in Sheffield on November 19th.

The main theme of the deck is the classic Jinteki 'thousand cuts' style of whittling away at the runner's cards with enough net damage to either put all of their nice things into the heap or ideally set up for the perfect kill.

Several 1 point agendas maximise the ID ability and at the end of the day you don't mind if they get stolen as you're hoping to hit them with a Philotic kill in the late game.

Setting unprotected traps early in the game, especially Cerebral Overwriter, can really help with this strategy and even if you Mushin or install and double advance a trap which the runner chooses to avoid you can still use it as a Trick of Light battery to fast advance and score that Philotic Entanglement out of hand. If the Philotic gets stolen and you need to actually score some agendas to win you can fast advance the False Lead, Chronos Project, or even Veterans Program to drop those Profiteering bad pub.

If you end up with Philotic early the best play is to score it as soon as possible and then rely on 24/7 News Cycle to re-trigger its ability for the kill.

On the run up to the tournament this deck was a star and kept me going while I was trying to get my head around playing MaxX. On the day though it faced some difficult match-ups, including a rich Iain Stirling with both Guru Davinder and Film Critic, Adam with both Safety First and a massive grip size, and then Leela with Feedback Filter! I did manage to flatline both Reina and Null though so stabby-fun-times were still had.