Criminal Whizzard - Eternal Testing Tournament winner

TugtetguT 2005

This is probably a terrible meta call for eternal, but it is pretty nice to play Whizzard: Master Gamer again.

I thought nobody would be on Mythic ICE because of the expected tag me meta and abundance of ai-breakers that you expect from those decks, but I was wrong, both the 2nd and 3rd placing corp lists had only 3 ICE iirc - all of which were Mother Goddess.

Though it is obviously very good against horizontal strategies like those out of Gagarin, Near-Earth Hub and IG which are all pretty scary for most runners.

The general idea is simple:

Laundry/Gamble gets you going and Rumor Mill disrupts so many corp cards that it's pretty much a no brainer include.

Going forward with this would probably be to cut a Desperado for some number of Aumakua's a rebirth, possibly Déjà Vu and Botulus and figure out some tech slots for the more combo-ish corps, but at least the Turtle and canned food enables accesses through the mythic ice suite. If the corp meta shifts towards even faster combo stuff the Crowdfunding's become too slow as well I think.

Bhagat is a man on a car shouting into a high-tech megaphone, uncutable.