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Korrigan 334

Mills instead of 3rd Whampoa because I was scared of Slums. NASX instead of 3rd PAD because duh. 2nd Tech Startup instead of (imho) inconsistent Sandburg.

This deck is surprisingly difficult to pilot (myriad of choices). All credit goes to Mordeqai.

10 Oct 2017 Mordeqai

Congrats! So glad this deck worked out for you man! I definitely get dropping Sandburg, it's just a general 1-of I put in every deck as a last ditch scoring route. What were your matchups?

10 Oct 2017 Korrigan

(Round 1 Bye)
Round 2 vs Gabe: closed down HQ and set up the econ, HHN into BOOM when he ran out of steam.
Round 3 vs Hayley: actually lost this one, because I didnt rez Judge after the first HHN, later on did rez him but never did the Whampoa Shannon recursion to do judge+closed acc, and finally his Misdirection did a ton of work and both Best defense and EoI were in the bottom 6 cards (despite shuffles). Ended on 7-6
Round 4 vs CT: scored out pretty quickly with NA/FA because he never ran (FA GFI from hand is obscene)
Round 5 vs Geist: Mills killed a Wasteland :D He didnt find the cards he needed.
Elim 1 vs Smoke: Econ + HHN into Boom I think.
Elim 2 vs Smoke: Not sure anymore...

10 Oct 2017 Saan

Was a pleasure playing you! It's a pretty scary deck if you don't know what's coming, and even if you do a bad draw on the runner's side can still just end the game. It was a shame I never drew Slums, but this deck doesn't give you a lot of room to just hang out and draw things.

12 Oct 2017 presheaf

I've been testing a deck broadly speaking similar to this, and one cool thing about it is that by playing EBC for asset tutoring (no MCA), I can get a Weyland alliance for Consulting Visit, which does a lot of work with all the singleton Operations in the deck. But MCA is a pretty cool card, so maybe cutting it would be a mistake.

13 Oct 2017 Korrigan

MCA + Judge is an amazing combo and I see a lot of ProCos right now. I wouldn't cut it. I tinkered around with Alliance/Consulting too, but I'm afraid it costs too much influence and slots.

13 Oct 2017 lopert

How do you draw all your 1x with no DBS? Seems risky? I guess the only thing that really matters is having an early HHN that you can threaten the tag life with.

13 Oct 2017 Korrigan

Yeah chances are you wont have the 1x you need until later in the game, but like you said: you just need the HHN early. The only game I lost during the tournament I could have won with Best Defense and/or Exchange of Information. I didn't get either until the last 6 cards.

13 Oct 2017 nungunz

Have questions for your runner, but I can't tag you in a post there for some reason: Click-drawing looks like a pain. Is that worth trying to handle at all (ProCo, Earthrise, etc)?

14 Oct 2017 Korrigan

You do have Diesel, Daredevil, Beth and to some extent Net Mercur as draw. SMC to tutor. And it's a 40 card deck so you should be fine. If you wanted to try to speed up the draw you could replace SoT and one more card for 2 Earthrise. MazeBerlin is also experimenting with dropping Clot/CC for Film Critic if you're interested in variations.

15 Oct 2017 manveruppd

Surprised there isn't a single preemptive action in here. Doesn't using Whampoa for recursion mean you run out of cards eventually? Also, is Quantum good here with only 1 tagging ice? If you end up permatagging them you've basically won through exchange, psycho, or boom, so it's not like they'll spend a while running and scoring kitties for you, right?

16 Oct 2017 JDC_Wolfpack

Reality ThreeD is an interesting include in an asset spam deck. Is the logic that you can just out tempo your opponent? It seems like needing to combo with Expose slows you down a lot.

16 Oct 2017 Grimwalker

@manveruppd I'm sure he could correct me if I'm wrong, but it would seem that the plan is to NA most agendas, so any agenda worth more than 3 advancements is not on unless it's GFI. Still, a 15 Minutes probably would work.

17 Oct 2017 Korrigan

@manveruppd It's not the best but you can experiment with different ICE and maybe 15 Minutes. @JDC_WolfpackYes it's great for that initial tempo and yeah Exposé sucks. I got rid of it. (Mills can somewhat help with BP)