Leave Your Ice in Binder (And probably the whole deck)

Klopstock 575

After having a good performance the day before, I decided to bring stupid stuff to the Kassel Regional. I went 0-4 with this deck, due to a combination of piloting errors (maybe don't play a combo deck for the first time ever at a Regional) and the built-in inconsistency of playing a deck with no Ice and 20 Agendas. My first loss was against Falk, because I had two takebacks in the combo turn (installed the wrong things with Team Sponsorship, but both times realised it before doing anything else) and I also realised, that I had put a wrong card on my decklist. Those were enough errors, that I felt like I didnt deserve the win, so I conceded the game to Falk. My second game was against René on Sunny. I threw out 3 Remotes. He checked all of them, grabbing 2 Agendas. The next turn I threw out more stuff. He then played Black Hat and ran R&D, HQ and R&D again to win the game. With 12 accesses, he stole 8 Agendas and got to exactly 7 points. The funny thing was, that I would most likely have won the next turn if the last access was not a Project Vitruvius, because I had four of the necessary five combo pieces in HQ and on the board, enough Credits, a Game Changer in hand and a The Future is Now on the board to fetch the last Sponsorship. The third game against Alex was the only one, where I felt really hopeless. He carefully checked my board to not steal too many agendas, wiped my hand twice with Clan Vengeance and then won in Archives. In my fourth game against Jens I screwed up the combo turn and consequently lost.

The title of the deck is a bit exaggerated, it is a really weird and quirky deck and there will definitely people that like it. But I didn't actually find the games a lot of fun. Try at your own risk.

24 Jul 2018 xloserfishx

What's the combo? I'm always interested in trying out fun decks :D

24 Jul 2018 Klopstock

The basic is to set up a turn with facedown installs, Game Changer and/or Fast Break, where you can score an Agenda in a server with Arella Salvatore, use two Team Sponsorship to install two Calibration Testing into the server, along with the next Agenda (with Arella), score that, install the next Agenda and so on, until you win. Breaker Bay Grid saves you lots of money on Calibration Testing rezzes, Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home and Estelle Moon draw you more cards so you can get enough Agendas into HQ.

25 Jul 2018 eXister

I'm shocked :D

27 Jul 2018 5N00P1

bold move!