Mirrormode on (5-2 MOPUS Day 1A)

Kaos64 116

This was really good against CTM. They don't have the ice to tax you out which means you are getting a lot of cards/money in that matchup. You also straight up ignore a lot of their ice.

6 Agenda Azmari is a rough matchup. Both Notoriety and Escher are good here, though the matchup feels really heavily in favour of Azmari.

MTI matchup is tough but winnable. It requires you to not care too much about the cards in your hand.

Don't get greedy against Argus. Having DJ Fenris into Liza turn 1 is usually a great start but it was a mistake to play it against Argus and cost me the game in a heavily favoured matchup.

Changes - the Levy was only relevant in one match. Mad Dash would have been the better choice of restricted or Employee Strike if the influence can be freed up.

Na'Not'K was similarly poor. Ika was more than enough and a 3rd Clone Chip or second Ika would be better here instead.

Adding in Watch the World Burn improves the CTM matchup to a ludicrous degree but hurts your weakest matchup which is glacier.