Do I Even Need To Be Here

Scything 2

This deck uses events as money, and make the corp choose between two options bad or bad.

3 Nov 2018 BlackCherries

Perhaps you want to be Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter instead or using Comet as your console.

3 Nov 2018 Shieldwall

Not sure why you need Feint here. Nothing really synergises with it in this deck.Not sure why you don't play the Turtle, if you have a bunch of expose cards. Also, would make a lot of sense to play Starlight Crusade Funding with Pancakes, if you have all these double events(which are usually not that great). Diversion of Funds would also make sense in this deck, if you want to go all out on doubles.

4 Nov 2018 Scything

I use falsified credentials not feint that's incorrect, also I just got back to playing a week ago and didn't play for 5 months or so and I didn't buy most of the packs since then. I use the events because I wanted to try a interesting deck and I like 419's face ability and I wanted to use it as quick as I could. I'm trying to get back into building decks so the next decks I have won't be as good.