I Spy With My Globalsec Eye Something Beginning With "A"

Matthias404 55

I'm having a lot of fun with this deck, but it is not super competitive by any means...

Try to find Professional Contacts early; look for it or Hostage in your opening hand. Then aim to pile pressure onto R&D.

While building up counters on the Mind's Eye, try to find The Archivist, Globalsec Security Clearance, and Adjusted Chronotype. This will allow you to take a peek at the top card of R&D each turn.

As I said, not competitive, but fun.


7 Jan 2019 scumhooligan

I like what the build aims to do. Have you tried Find the Truth? You can fit 2x for 6 influence which saves you 2 influence and a deck slot. You could even trade Kyuban for RNG Key in that case for a flexible econ/draw tool.

7 Jan 2019 Matthias404

Thank you! That's a great suggestion. I'll have a play around with it.

Find the Truth would probably be more fun too, as it is less passive than sitting back with Globalsec Security Clearance.

1 Feb 2019 Icedman

How are you getting the 2 to be able to install Globalsec? Asking for a friend...

13 Feb 2019 Daemonology5

Also if you are saving on the The Archivist, Adjusted Chronotype, and Globalsec Security Clearance you may want to sub out the Akamatsu Mem Chips for Cyberdelia and let your memory do some econ duty as well.

22 Feb 2019 Matthias404

Thank you. That's a good point on exchanging out memory alongside the other cards, @Daemonology5Daemonology5.

And yeah, as @BlackCherriessaid, @Icedman, the link is coming from The Archivist, which you can tutor out with Hostage.

It's not the most competitive as decks as is, but it has been fun to play.