Adamadamadamadam - 12-person GNK Winner

Thike 1190

Pretty standard Adam with a few personal flairs.


  • Dorm Computer never came up, but it can provide such good value and is tutorable. Although I wonder if I'm putting to much pressure on EC.
  • Queen's Gambit replaced Liberated Accounts. While it is not the easiest to pull off safely in the current meta, I do love the card. Being 0 to play and not having to worry about Scarcity is nice. Still not sure which is optimal.
  • Wants a second Turning Wheel, I think.
  • Reclaim is :ok_hand: for Directives, Logic bombs, and lost breakers.
  • I always want Datasuckers, but slots/MU make it awkward.
20 Jan 2019 moistloaf

ty for reminding me that queen's gambit is sc2019

20 Jan 2019 Thike

I was so excited when I found that out.