Khusyhiva - 2nd Taunton SC

Algebraic 885

A pirate Hayley build based off Orbital Tangent's By Hook Or By Khusyuk deck which took me to the grand final at Taunton SC before coming against Chris Dyer. My corp deck was my EigenHarpoon - The Other Bristol Blue Sun, after Chris took the first Blue Sun honours there. Moving from Dave Hoyland meta to live in Chris domain may have been a mistake. I felt quite good after seeing this graffiti while on a walk waiting for final to start.


I was hoping to see more Weyland as it can cope with very early rush OK if needed and SDS Drone Deployment does nothing against this list. I decided to spend the 2 influence from Hostage on a Political Operative and a Utopia Shard. The former does a good job at dealing with Crisium Grid on Khyshuk runs but has additional benefits against Reduced Service, Cold Site Server and even an unlikely, but ruinous, Navi Mumbai City Grid. The Utopia Shard helps against fast advance as attempts to score become a gamble, Punitive Counterstrike and it has uses against Mti trying to snipe out the ICE or just as another way for multiaccess. Both give HQ pressure which is unlikely to be ICEd at all especially once the corp knows you're pirating.

Anyway, the advantage of losing to Chris in the final is that I still won the Regional bye, my sweet cargo which I will be sailing with over to America to cut down some landlubbers there in the summer. Arrrr!