1st Place Gent SC: Coinflipteki

ryanbantwins 1961

It's an old favourite of mine, that I dusted off for this weekend. It only dropped one game in Swiss and went undefeated in the cut.

Basic plan is to defend centrals, especially R&D against non-criminals, and start to Mushin adv. every trap or agenda. The idea is that if they check a 4xadvanced trap, they're probably dead (see brewery). Or if they let 2 agendas through, that you can finish the game with CanP.

Archived Memories, LPL and Preemptive are almost always used for Mushin. Don't forget you can also use LPL to fetch the CanP for the win, kinda like consulting visit.

ICE is pretty simple. Kakugo perfectly synergises with your deck, and it is often the only thing that will stop the runner from smashing R&D in the late game (beware of hippo). Mind Game and Otoroshi have amazing stats and their subs are actually really nasty in this deck. Pop-up Window and Miraju will accelerate your game plan, and they make your snares more efficient.

The biggest change in the deck is that I swapped the restricted card from Obokata to Bio-Ethics. Obokata is a great agenda for this deck, no question about that, but it doesn't really kill good runners in my experience. If they are smart they won't drop below 2 cards. SSL is an ok replacement, since it gives you money to threathen snares without clicking for credits all the time. And I have often scored it in the early game. Bio-Ethics was the card that I really wanted, since it will lower the threshold to kill the runner. You can easily hide them among your Psychic Fields. Just remember that you're not a prison deck, so only rez them when you can kill the runner.

9 Mar 2019 zmb

How could you run Bio-Ethics Association when Mti Mwekundu: Life Improved is restricted?

9 Mar 2019 zmb

ahh Biotech not MTI duh!

18 Mar 2019 HoodedArcher

@ryanbantwins Could you talk a little but why you cut breached dome?

31 Mar 2019 Ber

I took this to a local Store Champs today and had a great time with it ... flatlining all 4 opponents. Normally I tweak a decklist a bit to my taste, but that was exactly my style so I couldn't find a single card I wanted to change - no prison, no grind, just good times sudden murder. Thanks for sharing it!