[Classique 2023] Crowdfunding Val

ClassiqueBubbles 10

7 Nov 2023 cursor

Deck Advice, courtesy of Nemamiah

What Your Deck Does

This is a typical flexible Anarch deck, with multiple lines of attack and angles of pressure that you can bring to bear on the corp. With The Turning Wheel, Aumakua and Datasucker you can pressure all three central servers from very early in the game, with the bad publicity granted by your identity helping sustain those runs. Hippo and Turntable both let you disrupt the corp, but you’ll have to identify where and when to use them. You have plenty of draw and plenty of money, but a lot of it is run based so you’ll need to try to create openings to exploit it.

What To Mulligan For

Aumkaua, one or more economy cards, one or more draw cards.

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

You should be careful running early; Economic Warfare in to Hard Hitting News is a constant threat. Try to float a credit balance of twelve or more early if you can. You should always challenge the first remote push if you’re in a position to do so; the corp scoring an advanced Project Atlas will make the game much harder for you. Just be mindful of Prisec, the Argus ability and ensure that you don’t end your turn with two or more tags. If you’ve drawn Turntable then just forcing the remote ice to be rezzed and then switching to centrals is also an option.

You will need to run centrals a lot to allow you to break ice efficiently and charge Turning Wheel. Try to make sure those runs are good value, and avoid making pointless runs just to recur Crowdfunding if at all possible. As much as possible you want to make the corp expend cards and money defending centrals, so use Hippo to kill open up HQ or R&D if possible. If the corp over focuses on centrals, switch your attention to the remote instead and use Hippo to make sure they can’t score safely.