can you follow the tempo?

cableCarnage 619

Corp deck I brought to Köln SC. Went undefeated beating 2 Spycam Hayleys (CORRECTION: 1 spycam + pancha/deus, 1 pirate), 1 Smoke and 1 Crowdfunding Val. Ended in 3rd place.

The deck is pretty standard tempo NEH. I only included 2 downfall cards.

  • Roughneck Repair Squad never got rezzed.
  • Remastered Edition speeds up the deck and can force the runner to constantly check r&d. Best use of the day was triple advancing Beale installed the turn before, advancing once more with Jeeves then using the Remastered token to jump from 4 points to victory.
30 Mar 2019 PeterPan

I didnt play Spycam 😎

1 Apr 2019 Vortilion

Like that deck! Well done.