Your Ice is Null

CryptoGraham 457


So I've been wanting a way to ensure the Bin Breakers didn't feel so difficult to pump. Especially now that Weyland is bigger, beefier and icier than ever, bin breakers feel so much less efficient!

Null is an ID I've been wanting play around with for awhile but haven't been able to find a build I felt really comfortable with for awhile. Until now!

Enter Spec Work! Since you're going to be pitching cards often to trigger Null's powerful ability, you need to make sure you have cards to pitch! Spec Work is great in that you essentially credit neutrally draw 2 cards. Trash an installed Black Orchestra or MKUltra and draw 2 cards! Run!

As for ice strength reduction, with Scrubbed on the table you see the first ice down 2 STR, Null's ID ability lowers it by 4, then Ice Carver will ensure all ice is down by 1 more. Throwing Chisels onto the ice ensures that, if it's not above 5 strength that the ice WILL trash on rez with Chisel.


I initially toyed with using Patchwork over Demolisher at first and even though you do get wild savings, you often find yourself card starved and is a bit of a nonbo.

Stargate is amazing and allows for some great R&D pressure, should you choose to go with it.

If I felt like I needed even more pressure I'd find room for Hippo but as it stands I'm honestly not sure what I'd cut for it.

Good luck and happy Chiseling!