Wu Revoir (Technically Top Cut - Nisei Standard)

EnderA 481

Au Revoir Wu has very few flex slots:

  • 1 Influence which I spent on Hernando Cortez. He helps against difficult ice suites. Slot Machine goes from 3 to rez to 6, for example. The other options are a 3rd The Turning Wheel or Street Peddler. I am not a fan of Street Peddler here, it's not influence-efficient, whereas Turning Wheel and Cortez are both very impactful. If you're in a rush meta that tries to win before you can stop them, run the third Turning Wheel. If you're in a glacier meta that tries to shut down your combo, run Cortez.
  • 5th icebreaker. I deviated from the norm, only running 1 Ankusa, which I think is a mistake. The better choice is 2 Ankusa, 2 Laamb and either Engolo or Maven. Why 2 Ankusa? Because if you draw it naturally you save your Self-modifying Codes/Clone Chips for other things. 3 Laamb is technically another option.
  • suite. I went with 4 NetChip since that lets me install all my breakers alongside the 3 Au Revoirs. The downside is that the first NetChip doesn't let you install Laamb alongside the Au Revoirs. The other options are Akamatsu Mem Chip and Cyberdelia. Akamatsu is probably superior simply to save credits early game, letting you run sooner, even though Cyberdelia gives you some extra econ late and a minor engine if Au Revoir is stopped.
  • Cold Read, which can be a utility slot. Cold Read helps turn 1, and also versus asset spam, although that's already a great matchup for Au Revoir. Other options are Khusyuk, Compile, and Scavenge.
  • Technically you can cut some number of Daily Casts, but it helps you rebuild if the corp locks you out. If you can build up enough cash you can open a hole and bring the Au Revoir engine back online. You could also cut some number of Earthrise Hotel but they're the most efficient draw you can include once set up where money is no object, 6 cards for 1 click.
  • A third Beth Kilrain-Chang is an option, if you cut other things for it.

Everything else is mandatory.

For those afraid of Au Revoir, there are many ways to beat it, it's primarily a meta call. Many rush builds can score out faster than Au Revoir can lock them down. Some glacier builds run taxing enough ice that it can never get going, and those that don't can switch up their ice suite. Rigshooter can slow them down enough to score out before they draw enough Clone Chips.

Some ideal ICE to slow down Au Revoir Wu (ordered by cost) are Mind Game, Aiki, Pup, News Hound, Excalibur, IP Block (until Rebirth into Jesminder), Jua, Afshar on HQ, Caduceus (pay 1-2c into the ETR), Slot Machine, Gatekeeper, Hortum, Mausolus, Fairchild 2.0 (or 3.0), and Ichi 1.0. Some combination of not being barrier, strength 3+, punishing/taxing subs, and cheap rez cost.

If you want to hard-counter the deck, Ancestral Imager stops it dead in its tracks, and Shipment from Tennin should let you score that almost immediately, before there's a real Clot threat. You'd probably play that out of Personal Evolution or Chronos Protocol. Both are fine decks on their own. Kakugo is terrible in that matchup, though, probably not worth installing.