Quicksand PE

TyrellCorp 356

This started as an HB agenda spam deck to feed Game Changer, with all the -1 agenda point cards, but I soon discovered news team is 2 inf and Shi.Kyū is 4 inf, so I tried building it in jinteki, and PE was the obvious choice.

Fetal AI vs Chronos Project and 2x or 3x of those is debatable, I just love Chronos Project quite a lot, especially vs Maxx and Geist.

Shattered Remains is for feedback filters, if someone is CRITICIZING a lot of your FILMS you can add in a Voter Intimidation or two. Other meta calls include Reverse Infection for freedom and Psychic Field for 419.

It's grindy if that's your thing, it seems to be mine.

Also I once stepped in quicksand in real life, true story.

5 Aug 2019 phette23

I'm elated to see this does not contain the actual card Quicksand. 11/10 stars.

7 Aug 2019 Murphy

"I cannot wrap my head around what is happening with this deck" -Brian Cronin