Jack Attack!

CryptoGraham 776

Have you ever dreamed of making it big?

One minute you're starry-eyed, heart full and stepping off the bus to New York City with $200 to your name but a million dollar idea.


But maybe it's not quite as perfect as you thought. People aren't as kind in NYC as they were where you grew up, Stone Mountain. Jenna

But fear not! This is YOUR chance to shine!


I've been grinding out meta decks to help meta-mates practice for regionals and I super needed a palate cleanser.

Now that Employee Strike is banned, Haarpsichord has a new life in inflicting runner-caused misery.

The core of this deck is based around a couple key concepts:

1) They can only steal one agenda each turn, which means that multi-access means nothing.

2) Mwanza City Grid allows the corp to gain 10 credits with a 0 rez cost upgrade

3) If you protect your centrals with Data Raven you can actually let the runner score out your Quantum Predictive Models for you

4) If they're onto your game plan, just use Lady Liberty to start "scoring" out. And then when they run HQ, hopefully you can just let them eat Snare!

The burstiness of this deck cannot be overstated. You can gain 10-20 credits on the runner's turn easily with Mwanza. Also! I've had issues where I've been poor and the runner was rich and drained all their money clearing Snare! tags OR paying to avoid 9 net damage with Caldera or Feedback Filter.

Some of the funnier shenanigans I've encountered is having a runner run HQ, hit a Snare! first, take the tag, then hit a Quantum Predictive Model and score it out for me.

If a runner doesn't know what's up, they can go tag-me ludicrously fast. And even if they do, they could still think they could just win over 7 turns if they run one central at a time.

Ice Choice: I wanted a way to be taxing but also not too porous. I spent a lot of time toiling over the Tsurugi slot. Much like Hydra at its best, it's kind of a "Snare" ice slot, where its best used as an ambush when the runner can't afford to break it and they've gone tag-me. If you feel like you want a flex slot, this is likely definitely it. I just wanted a way to possibly tempo out or flatline the runner in a way that wasn't meat damage.

If we're being honest, this deck isn't perfect and it can be prone to weird draw and flood. It's not going to be a World's 2019 champ deck, but boy howdy it's a lot of fun.

And remember,

There are no bad ideas

Good luck and enjoy the tour!

22 Aug 2019 BlackCherries

No dedicated Film Critic hate?

I suppose the tags in the deck is strong enough.

22 Aug 2019 SMITTYL

"2 Rashidas"

22 Aug 2019 Dirjel

One more reason that Direct Access is actually a really good replacement for E-strike.