Fekete Argus (3rd Hungary Regionals)

Longi 1548

Fekete actually means black in hungarian which has no meaning in this deck but I just love the sound of it :)

Btw. the deck went 4:1, defeating Adam, Kabonesa, Khumalo and Quetzal in the swiss, loosing to Heyley played by Percomis in the cut.

Edit: The missing connection to the name of the deck found by Flekk :)

Fekete Argus

25 Aug 2019 Krasty

I really dislike this deck ... even if it`s FEKETE! :o)
but "heart" giving to results...

25 Aug 2019 Longi

Well, you know I have no patience for glacier nor love for asset spam. I need to rush and I love Weyland so Argus is the best choice now;)

26 Aug 2019 Flekk

There, I fixed it! alt text

26 Aug 2019 Longi

lol, that´s the connection I was looking for, thanks man;)