Acme: Tagged if you do, behind if you don’t

Bazin 90

This deck carried my day at Alberta Regionals, going 3-1 (and the 1 was damn close). My runner shat the bed so I had a disappointing day.

I love NBN. It’s a sickness really, since I only started playing Netrunner from the Revised Core release. I had been playing an Outfit Glacier that hinged on strong ETR ICE stacked making running an expensive task. wasn’t yellow.

Reviewing some decks trying to find a type that might work for my playstyle and I found Coyote Revenge from the Stockport 2018 Regional. I played that deck as is a bit and it worked, but I always found News Hound pretty meh, and the multiple currents were a turn off. Also, having a way to deal with Apocalypse and non-traditional ICE “breakers”, I added some flair (with assistance from CaKnuckleGuy).

Pretty straightforward Acme play. Get Data Ward, Thoth, UCF as ther outermost ICE. Hydra can play outermost or behind a Data Raven. The ICE is strong and will tax runners. I found Runners go once, bounce off something (or get wrecked) and get really shy about running, or at least - need a big purse.

Look to score Beales as 3 pointers when you can.

I have fun with this. Runners...maybe not.

28 Aug 2019 CaKnuckleguy

I'm glad I didn't face you, this is mean.

28 Sep 2019 rattkin

What do you tech with Navi Mumbai City Grid against?

30 Sep 2019 Bazin

Navi was for dealing with anybody using Grappling hook/bird/crocodile shenanigans (which, in my meta, is not unheard of). Didn't need it and is definitely something to consider swapping out.