Acme: Tagged if you do, behind if you don’t

Bazin 70

This deck carried my day at Alberta Regionals, going 3-1 (and the 1 was damn close). My runner shat the bed so I had a disappointing day.

I love NBN. It’s a sickness really, since I only started playing Netrunner from the Revised Core release. I had been playing an Outfit Glacier that hinged on strong ETR ICE stacked making running an expensive task. wasn’t yellow.

Reviewing some decks trying to find a type that might work for my playstyle and I found Coyote Revenge from the Stockport 2018 Regional. I played that deck as is a bit and it worked, but I always found News Hound pretty meh, and the multiple currents were a turn off. Also, having a way to deal with Apocalypse and non-traditional ICE “breakers”, I added some flair (with assistance from CaKnuckleGuy).

Pretty straightforward Acme play. Get Data Ward, Thoth, UCF as ther outermost ICE. Hydra can play outermost or behind a Data Raven. The ICE is strong and will tax runners. I found Runners go once, bounce off something (or get wrecked) and get really shy about running, or at least - need a big purse.

Look to score Beales as 3 pointers when you can.

I have fun with this. Runners...maybe not.

28 Aug 2019 CaKnuckleguy

I'm glad I didn't face you, this is mean.