Damon Abuse 3.0 (#113 Worlds 2019)

5N00P1 643

This is the deck I played at Worlds 2019 together with my Liza Deck, the deck is based on my previous Damon Abuse Deck.
I assumed apoc would be a card, out of Val or Alize, but I actually never met one. So besides Mason Bellamy which is causing apoc headache, I wanted to add Crisium Grid to be a bit more resilient until Jinja City Grid destroys any approach so DDoS is nothing to consider anymore.
So I slotted 1 Crisum by removing 1 Surveyor as too often it's the first ICE I draw and I need to put it on a central. So 1 inf for Crisium and the spare inf could be used for Vulnerability Audit as you can install advance it for the win and you are not trying to score any agenda in one turn anyway. Removing 1 Domestic Sleepers was a tall ask and I kind of regreted it the whole day as I was never able to score out with it. Slotted Excalibur as it has synergies with Border Control and might also help against Crim, when they DoF you click 1 & 2.

The basic idea is the same, install Jinja City Grid play your draw Rashida Jaheem & Violet Level Clearance + Blue Level Clearance and create Servers of doom and make money. Score an SSL Endorsement early or let them steal it and us your ability to get money or draw, what ever you need more.

The deck went 3 - 3 during the day, losing the first 3 matches, winning the next 3 and not being played in a 241.
But Vulnerability Audit pulled it's weigth and gave me an unexpected win and some legs in other games. So maybe it's worth to try it as a 3x? But dropping Ikawah Project seems not like a good idea.

Game 1 against Joss on 419 (0 - 1)

My deck betrayed me. Not finding Jinja or ICE, only Econ so 419 had a lot of time to setup and stomb me sooner or later. It was still closer then I thought at the start and playing Joss was a nice start into the day.

Game 2 against fgcsem4n on Hayley (0 - 2)

I was not able to keep her out of my Servers and things went down pretty fast and mainly I was not fast enough.

Game 3 against Dethvir on Smoke (0 - 3)

Can't remember that game, but Smoke wrecked me.

Game 4 against Airin on Ken (1 - 3)

When Ken can't run anymore he is unhappy, that happens sooner or later against a Glacier with Jinja. So after a strong start I was able to keep Ken out and got the win.

Game 5 against Ardu on 419 (2 - 3)

This time things came together in a good way and I was able to fire out of all Servers.

Game 6 against Counter0 on Leela (3 - 3)

I ICEed HQ with Jinja 1st so that DoF is not a thing anymore and they discarded theiy DoF sooner or later. Surviving the first 2 scores I was sure I would be able to close the game.