Spy Cams are fun in Apex, but not in real life #freeassange

PuMeGo 224

This deck took 2 wins and 3 losses. The wins were against GameNet and Gargarin (I think, definetly Weyland, though)

It is a blast to play and terrifying if you can build up your engine. HHN gets less dangerous if you can drip 9 credits and also chop bot eats one of the tags away... But although 3 SMCs were inlcuded, the deck is too slow to build up fast enough sometimes.

And no, gachapon is no solution. Tried this for König von Deutschland and it wiffed twice the whole day! How can this happen in a deck which consistes per default of virtual ressources and programms, you ask? Yeah, I don't know either.....

The Spy Camera is very important for value runs and for triggering your off turn Wastelands and Reaver.

And as mentioned in the title, it's fun in a game but spy cams in real life are threatening and terrifying as you can see in the example of Julian Assange. If you don't know who I mean or want to learn more about this topic, feel free to watch the following videos:

The case against wikileaks

Technical aspects of surveillance

17 Feb 2020 Chezni

Heh, this is a fun deck! It's setup is too slow against top-tier decks, but once you get the engine running, it's pretty strong. Well done!