The King's Outfit

MagicHead 73

Nothing too special here, but man it feels good to blow some folks up.

I was umming and ahhing on a corp deck for a while, and I just caved to this when I saw it cause I wanted to blow stuff up.

I played this at Worlds and went 4-3 with a fair score vs kill ratio, but the games where all so much fun and mostly quick. I dropped plays all day but still had a blast (pun not intended).

Not too much to say a bout the deck, but make money, keep the kill threat live, and push agendas to force the runner to interact with your boardstate.

One of my favourite plays was jamming out behind a single unrezzed Border Control. First with a City Works Project after a Dedication Ceremony, Advance for 4 counters, then jamming an SDS and double advancing. I was playing against an Anarch (I'm failing to remember who or what the ID was sorry gang), they had all the bin breakers in the bin, and I didn't have any ICE rezzed. They run the SDS in the remote on Click 3, I don't rez they can't install Paperclip and then access the SDS. They didn't have enough clicks to make another run or install a program before I boot them out with the Border Control.

Huge thanks to the folks over in NISEI Plaza for a well run event, to all my opponents, and to anyone that I bounced ideas off of.

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