New Potatoes (4th Dark Sphere BABW, King of Swiss)

rojazu 1339

Fed up with runner dominance? Whizzard making you sad? I say roll the dice and play the variance. Throw some potatoes at your opponent and see what sticks. Prison doesnt work these days with so much whizz and slums (even Archives Interface), making assets to hard to protect so this is a normal deck thats more turtle style. Shout outs to @lpoulter who came up with the shell, and @rotomappliance for refining it in testing.

This deck is actually pretty decent, and I brought it because in testing it has a favourable reg Whizzard matchup, particular as most folk (including myself) have dropped Strikes in favour of 2 Aarons.

It should be pretty self explanatory what to do, but I make a few key points here.

Ark Lockdown: Your primary targets are Black Orchestra, Parasites, Levy, Siphon depending on what deck you are playing against. Lotus Field: Is whizzards weak spot, rush an early HoK behind this or use it to score out/protect RnD if you can snipe the Black Orc. Be careful not to rez code gates if you see Black Orc in the bin. Kakugo: "Its weak to parasite". Sure it is, but the thing is you mill half their deck so either the parasites are in the bin, or the deja are, you have nice synergy between Kakugo/friends/ark lockdown. Pre-emptive: Primary targets are your Neurals and Econ.

Playstyle: Keep high on money, a lot of turns will be "take 3, pass". You need to be able to rez ICE, threaten snare, pay for neurals/friends, score HoK. None of this is cheap.

Highlight of the day: My opener is ICE ICE hedge and Ben Ni, playing Siphon Whiz plays Gamble, Laundry Eater Siphon as his first turn. I rez Kakugo, and he realises that if he takes my money he dies to neural next turn and jacks out.

Happy Corping!

20 Mar 2017 Swiftie

Can confirm, good highlight of the day was sitting next to Rojazu and seeing the look on Ben's face was great.

20 Mar 2017 clercqie

What do you think about putting the Prison shell in PU, ergo some tech startups and Bio-Ethics. A Hokusai / Bioethics server is very annoying.

As is, you have no incentives for the Runner to actually run, which I think is kind of the weak spot now.

20 Mar 2017 rojazu

the older iterations of this deck were prison and they cannot work with whizzard slums being everywhere. a runner who doesnt run will just lose to you scoring all 3 HoK and being forced to run when you IAA fetal/food.

10 Apr 2017 skydivingninja

I really like this variation of PU. Was trying to make Hostile/Bio-Ethics shenanigans work for a while and shelved it because it was always so stressful making sure you had enough money. This is much easier and feels like it's much easier to land a kill on the runner for less money.

17 Apr 2017 FightingWalloon

Do you just die to Strike?

24 Apr 2017 corbeil93

What do you do against rich runner with net protection (Guru Davinder or Feedback Filter)?

15 May 2017 Spica

How do you score with such few etr ice?