Stealth Theory (3-1 at Iberial Lockdown 4)

Longi 1493


Having seen the list of banned cards for Iberial Lockdown 4 I decided to change the collour of my runnerĀ“s coat and go from blue to green.

I always wanted to try stealth Jesminder as I do not play shapers much with the exception of stealth Smoke. I wanted to see how the stealth rig works with different shaper. After toying with influence I eventually ended up on one Hot Pursuit and then I realized that with no possibility to bring DJ Fenris and Liza to the party I had no longer a reason to play Jesminder. But I wanted to play the stealth rig anyway. After scanning cheap shaper IDs the Wunderkind caught my attention. She has 40 cards deck that let you assemble stealth rig fast and the additional memory helps with all the Mantles you want to play.

The deck has pretty standard stealth core, having three SMCs, Simulchips, Net Mercurs and Mantles in order to assemble the rig really fast. That allows you running early with no fear of banned HHN. The Turning Wheel and Kyuban make the runs profitable. Same old stealth story.

In the end the deck went 3-1, loosing only to Chronos Protocol that is a natural predator to 40 cards decks with complicated rig.

Big thanks to @vesper for organising this amazing series.

10 May 2020 Cpt_nice

I see Chaos Theory, I press like

10 May 2020 Longi

@Cpt_nice Thanks, so NICE of you, CAPTAIN :)