Rien - Colorado Regionals 2nd Place

greyfield 3908

Why Null?

1) Pairs with Zer0 for a killer theme. Theme is the most important part of building a successful deck.
1b) Also, Rien both sounds like "Ryan" and means "nothing" in French. Bilingual puns prove you deserve respect.
2) I don't like Val. hatersgonnahate.gif
3) Null makes Aumakua more efficient, gives you flexibility against surprising big ice like Sand Storm, and offers important discounts on using MKUltra and Black Orchestra.
4) Losing 3 influence for Omar is a tough proposition, since Fisk gives you reach and PAD Tap is great against CTM and Palana. (In the Losers' Finals vs. Palana, I ended up in a situation where triggering Zer0 would give my opponent 1 credit and me 3 or 4. :D)

How do you play?

You mulligan for Zer0. You hit Zer0 every turn. You get rich. You get vengeful. Eventually, you win. Deck plays itself.

Originally my goal was to play a modified version of my tag-me Hayley deck (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/50115/rogue-dummy-surveillance) since it had some excellent matchups and was meme-y as hell. But I discovered two days before the tournament that it was strongly disfavored vs Mti Mwekundu. Sadness. Hence defaulting to yet another Zer0 deck.

In the Swiss it beat Asa, Mti, Palana & lost to Titan. In the cut it beat NEXT Design, Titan, and Palana. Null won me at least two games I would have otherwise lost, though yes, Val would have probably accomplished a similar feat through gradual Bad Pub savings.

18 Jun 2018 SneakdoorMelb

Did Levy end up being the right call?

18 Jun 2018 greyfield

It did, as much as a security blanket as anything else. I feel like with Levy-less lists, you eventually just run out of business in really long games. And there was definitely a game I almost lost because I'd thrown away both my Levy and SOT. Obviously, if you're expecting fewer grindier matchups, going for something like Strike or Critic would make sense.

18 Jun 2018 Sanjay

Two Colorado regionals in a row getting excellent results with zero-themed hardware!