InversifiKit - Splitsville at American Continentals

NinjaMike 240

I am generally a consistent Wu player but I haven't found a deck that I really like lately, especially since Shaper economy and MU options are pretty bad right now. But then I remembered that Inversificator came off the restricted list and figured Kit would be a good choice for that.

I went 3-3 over the course of the day with this deck, and I ID'd last round to make top half (due to decent SOS). What I learned from this experience is that this deck is great against glacier, but it folds pretty hard to asset spam and fast advance.

My wins were against The Outfit, AgInfusion and Pālanā. In all of those matched, I could control the board state, putting the ice in the best spots for me. The games that I lost were against Titan (he drew well and went faster than I could), Asa (my opponent rushed me out and went 6th overall, so I don't feel too bad) and RP (this was the only game I felt bad losing, because I drew through half my deck and saw no breakers, no SMC and no breakers before I got killed). All my opponents were great, both the winners and losers.

I'll explain some card choices which may seem a little odd. Gebrselassie is the star of this deck. In any 2 ice server, swapping any big ice to the innermost position costs only 1 per sub. Any code gates that are rezzed later in the run cost 1 per sub. Corp pops a Border Control? 1 per sub to get back. Pelangi helps make things code gates when you really need a code gate later on.

Guru Davinder is there to stop any punitive matchups, which was more represented in the overall meta than in my opponents. It also lets you steal a City Works Project for 4 credits, AND dodge the punitive for another 4.

Cyberdelia is there because I hate Akamatsu Mem Chip with the burning fire of a thousand suns for being the most boring MU option that anyone could possibly think of. Aniccam lets me get some extra draw, which Shapers can sometimes struggle with. Although in reality, Shaper consoles mostly suck and I needed to pick something. I am still holding out some hope that Ninei will release a Shaper console that is actually on similar caliber to what Keiko is for Anarch.

Political Operative is good for trashing things at opportune times. Although next time I think I would cut this and find 1 more influence for Clot because getting rushed out is a real problem for this deck.

All in all, this deck is a lot of fun to play, and with a few tweaks (and maybe a better pilot) it could have some legs. Thanks to all my opponents for giving me a great day, and thanks to the members of the Torsaug community, who continue to encourage me to tune my stupid decks into something that can win games.