Last Dance? (1st and undefeated at SC Brno)

Longi 1445

outfit kill

I love Weyland faction and I seem to lack the skill and patience to play proper glacier game. So when Nisei announced the upcoming ban of SSL I decided to take Rude Outfit for a possible LAST DANCE because I am not sure this archetype can survive the loss of 27 credits.

The play-style is easy. You rush and you put runner in loose-loose situations. Much like me beloved Argus. Our meta was full of Hoshiko which I know to be unbeatable in a long game. So I rushed as hell and landed some incidental kills along the way. And it worked perfectly, I did not loose a match.

The SC in Brno was a small one, given the Covid-19 restrictions only 9 players showed up and the usual foreign players could not come at all. But we wanted to do this tournament face-to-face, just meet up, chat and have a couple of beers. And it was worth it.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to @Kubik161 for his dedication to PE identity that he really likes. I admire that he keeps looking for a build that is playable despite the bans that this archetype received. And his effort paid off and brought him awesome 2nd place. Good job!

21 Sep 2020 percomis

Congrats on the finish Longi! Sorry that we didn't visit you guys this time, but pandemic :(

Also that gif is scary as fuck :D

22 Sep 2020 Longi

@percomis Hey, thanks a lot. I hope you guys are doing fine, practising NR and stuff :) Hopefully see you guys soon somewhere;)

23 Sep 2020 Saan

Hey, Engram in this deck is sweet AF. I dig it.

24 Sep 2020 Longi

@SaanHey, yeah, it was last minute addition since I suspected I would face a lot of anarchs. It is nightmare to break with Black Orchestra and you kinda have you if you do not want to loose the IHV you are holding against Punitive :)

On the other hand, even though Engram Flush is a synergistic with Citi Works Project and Punitive plan, with Outfit you mainly wage economic war against runners so I am still not sure if Slot Machine isnĀ“t better fit for the same influence.