Why Titan is Banned [SCOOPS]

aDumbBrick 669

When given an exclusive scoop what do you do? Play with it in the most busted ways you can think of, of course. Unfortunately I didn't get to play as many games as I wanted but a handful of people got to play against my decks on jnet this week where Dedicated Technician Team stood in for ...


Deck Writeup

The deck title is a little misleading as I think Titan might have gotten banned even if standard stayed the same as it had been for the last year or so, but this card certainly is a consideration.

If you manage to score an atlas with one of these rezzed you can almost guarantee the atlas score the very next turn. Another powerful option for titan, although I don't think 3x would have been the right choice in the final deck.

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17 Mar 2021 Swan

I'm extremely upset we didn't get this scoop before they announced the titan ban

17 Mar 2021 gilesdavis

^it would have been hilairious

Thanks for the game @aDumbBrick, it was a nailbiter and super fun way to scoop your card <3

17 Mar 2021 Boot

This was definitely one of the most fun ways to spoil a card ever. @aDumbBrick, thanks for the great SSO game. I'm more than a little glad I didn't have to face this Titan decklist as I'm pretty sure you would've won that one! :-)

17 Mar 2021 manveruppd

Let's get this to DOTW!