Startup Starter Reina v 1.0

YsengrinSC 222

This is one of my set of Startup Starters. These aren't meta-defining decks, but the should be solid enough to win games, and give you a shell you can use to start deckbuilding. You can find the others here.

This deck is looking to put economic pressure on the Corp by making them rez ICE that is made more expensive by your ID ability, and force them to protect a lot of servers. And when they do rez the ice, your goal is to blow it up using the powerful combination of Chisel and Devil Charm. You force them to rez ICE protecting every server using powerful big programs, like Sneakdoor Beta and Conduit. But if they rez big ice that you can't deal with, to be too upset about overwriting them.

As you look to modify this deck, you will probably find some cards you end up using more than others. If a card is only good 1 game in 5, maybe give it a second look. One key card in Ashes I would definitely look to make room for is Gachapon. It's a bit wordy and fiddly for a beginner deck, but also allows you to use Devil Charm and Chisel even more effectively.