Red Bypass (startup)

Diogene 1128

Why use breakers? Just bypass everything and make ice nearly irrelevant.


Simple thing, Botulus let you break an ice easily. If the corp trash the ice, use Simulchip to get Botulus back. Since you'll aim to do an R&D lock, Botulus will only get you so far. This where you can use Femme Fatale to bypass an ice. Then use Rejig with the corp trash that ice.

Earthrise Hotel will let you draw nearly half your deck for you. Keiko combo with Paladin Poemu to make the first install of the turn cheap. The real money will come from Liberated Account.

When needed, Boomerang will let you pass wherever you need to.

Enjoy seeing the corp struggle to keep up.

14 Apr 2021 dnddmdb

This is a really fascinating deck. Do you find that hard-installing Femme is too steep of a cost? I wonder if Retrieval Run would be helpful or just another moving part to complicate things.

I'm really marveling over how few cards are in this deck. Love it!

14 Apr 2021 Diogene

@dnddmdb Thanks for the comment.

Usually, Femme Fatale is used later, because it is very expensive. It really act like a super expensive Botulus, with the added benefit of breaking low strenght sentry. It is especially good against encounter effect ices, since it bypass them (like Tollbooth and Funhouse ). The only thing that make it useless is Anansi., but you already know that.

Previously, I tried to use The Nihilist with Fermenter. This added economy and draw to the deck, but it require more cards. Earthrise Hotel is much better, giving you better tempo. Once Keiko and Paladin Poemu are on the board, installing things is pretty cheap.

It is possible that this deck could work better with Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist, allowing you to get extra draw and letting you put I've Had Worse and DreamNet for extra draw. But I like the consistency of the 40 cards deck. And trashing anything get added value with René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal.

But your suggestion of using Retrieval Run is great! Those cards could be added easily, letting you trash Femme Fatale to better put it on the board later, cheaper too. Unfortunately, this trick will probably work once, before the corp ice up Archive. But what a trick it would be!

I think, for me, that the best part of the deck is the decision making aspect that come with it. While the deck is designed for R&D pressure, you sometime need to switch to remote or HQ pressure, depending on the board state. This is where Rejig and Simulchip comes in. Glacier are tougher and Asset spam are easier for this deck. Usually, my opening move is to facecheck every ice if I'm not against Jinteki, while I got nothing on the board.

I'll try your suggestion to see how it goes. If you find something else that could make this (almost) breakerless archetype work, I'm always open for new ideas.


14 Apr 2021 dnddmdb

Thanks for the detailed response! I'll definitely try this out at some point. Good luck experimenting!

15 Apr 2021 TheRope

Could you do this in Crim, with Inside Job? But, love this in Loup.

16 Apr 2021 Diogene

I checked Retrieval Run. Here is the problem : there is as much worthy target as there is Retrieval Run. It does protect from losing Stargate or for getting back an Imp. I think it is worth it, but card slots are tight in this deck. I would use it in Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist (and I did).