Lim-Dul pressure [Standard]

Diogene 1890

Intense pressure throught the use of viruses.


This is the result of a friendly conversation with Lim-Dul about his deck on If you see him, tell him "Bonjour!" from me. This is my iteration of his initial idea.

The core cards of the deck are : Knobkierie, Yusuf and Pelangi.

Mulligan plan : econ cards! You need econ to start this deck. Look for Fermenter, Sure Gamble and Rezeki.

Use Knifed to destroy some ices, ideally on R&D. With Pelangi, you can trash any ice, using Yusuf.

Using Pelangi and Yusuf, you can pass any ice. You can also use Botulus to pass ices.

Centrals pressure is done through Conduit and Imp. Letting you search R&D and destroy whatever you encounter. The combination of Imp and Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist is as usual, very potent.

A trick I found was to use one Fermenter for a big cash flow. Let it stew to 3 or 4 virus, then use Virus Breeding Ground to put 3 more virus and pop it for a cool 12+. Aside from Knobkierie, everything else is cheap, so the deck does not need a lot of money. But having a good amount of credits gives you some form of protection from Hard-Hitting News and Punitive Counterstrike.

Here, The Nihilist really shine and is out draw engine. On top of using Gachapon, which have 28 targets in this deck!

The single Friday Chip and MemStrips are for added value, but not essential. One will let get virus from trashing stuff and the other let you go overboard with installing every virus program in the deck (you don't need to, but it is fun). There is 18 virus programs in here.

Being able to run without spending money and being able to trash multiple things for free, this deck bring intense pressure on the board. And, it is fun to play. Cheers!

16 Jun 2021 theoneakaneo

very interesting build, would love to put Consume in though - perhaps over Conduit and a Rezeki

thinking ...

21 Jun 2021 Diogene

@theoneakaneo I've made experiment and I was able to accelerate the deck by using Moshing. I've added one Labor Rights to use Knifed more often.

This makes the deck VERY virus centric, but it work. Even against Cyberdex Sandbox and Cyberdex Virus Suite.


22 Jun 2021 Lim~Dul

So how does work this version ?

22 Jun 2021 Diogene

@Lim~Dul I suggest you take this list, take out Friday Chip, Cookbook, Paladin Poemu and MemStrips. Then add 3 Moshing and 1 Labor Rights.

This deck is based on pressure by either trashing cards from HQ, using Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist ability or with Imp. Otherwise, trash ice on R&D and ram it with Conduit.

In the early game, using Virus Breeding Ground to pump Fermenter, try to get around 16. This will let you install everything easily. Rezeki will do the rest after. This is more important than getting The Nihilist early.

On the first turn, put a Yusuf, Fermenter or Musaazi on the board and run, to pressure the corp by trashing cards.

Once you have a Pelangi on the board, you can run pretty much everywhere. Botulus will help also.

The weakness of the deck is tags. To avoid the Hard-Hitting News, popping the Fermenter will help you avoid being targeted. The good thing about this deck is that you can run with no credits in the bank, so you can spends credits to pay for tags and still be able to run.

28 Oct 2021 napalm900

@Diogene this deck has been my introduction to running in standard, just wanted to say thanks, and as a Anarch through and through I am really enjoying this deck!