20 Ice GameNet, 6:0 on BLM

Smieszny 35

29 Jun 2020 @Bookkeeper

This is a damn solid list. Kinda feels like a nice Azmari build ;)

30 Jun 2020 Smieszny

This is GamerCoats by CritHitd20 . Change I made: -1x DRM +1 Toolboth

30 Jun 2020 g4rr3t

@Smieszny It hasn't been made by you? Damn, this looks like your signature deck - bio vaults, surveyors, border controls. Even echo chambers!

2 Jul 2020 enkoder

I brought GamerCoats to BLM and it went 5-1. Only loss was from severe flood too. Collectively we went 11-1, not bad!!

5 Jul 2020 boreira

ƚmieszny aka The Legend