Catzmari (3rd at PaxU/Fake Nats)

Kysra 162

Money Cat

EDIT: Uhhh. I made a change to this list that I forgot to make to my netrunnerdb version. -1 Endless EULA, +1 Enigma. DX

This deck is based on an older Azmari build called Tightrope by paulyg. I've been trying convince people for months that this is a good deck. Maybe now that it's gotten 3rd at PaxU, someone will believe me. =P

I added in the kill package, partially because of Liza and partially because the deck had a lot of trouble against tag me Freedom. This deck is extremely fun to play and also a decent meta call. The quantity of ice allows you to put something taxing on every server quickly, which slows down run based opponents.

So, this deck works by forcing the runner through the remote repeatedly with either must trash assets (Daily Quest), "agendas" (QPM, 15 Mins, NGO), or agendas. This usually makes them very poor, and then you can Sea Source + EOI, or just murder them. Its very unlikely that you will ever be able to prevent a runner from getting in a remote because the ice is very porous but taxing. Try to score aggressively and force the runner into positions where they have to run and go low on econ.


2x GFI? Influence is a bit short. It's 2x so I can add in another Crisium and then alliance the Consulting Visit. Would love a third GFI instead of SSL but there's no space.

No Border Control? Yeah, you don't really have the influence for it and it hasn't been super necessary. Typically, you are not going to be able to stop the runner from being able to get through the remote. You just want to make them very poor and very tagged doing so.

2x Crisium? Stops Apoc/Stargate/DooF, which you need since you don't have Border Control. Also needed to alliance Consulting Visit.


Freedom: This is a very fun matchup for a number of reasons. You have the ice to make value runs pretty taxing, and Freedom has issues dealing with giant Surveyor remotes. Ice HQ heavily to prevent them from trashing your operations. I recommend rushing pretty aggressively since this deck takes a while to set up.

Liza: Get ice down on all centrals as fast as you can, and then draw for Self Growth Program and High Profile Target. Liza is much slower when she has to click to draw. You'll tend to get a bit flooded in HQ, but if she's not running legwork, you'll be fine. The goal is to get her to 3 tags before she has 2x Paparazzi + Citadel down. Once that happens, you'll actually have to score out.

Apoc: Ravens are the innermost piece of ice on Centrals. Central ice should be at least 2 deep for DDoS. This will ensure the runner finishes their Apoc turn tagged. Crisium pretty helpful here.

Shapers: I find that the Sea Source/EOI package gives a lot more flexibility in the shaper matchups, especially compared to the 6 agenda Azmari version. This allows you to trash high value resources (Aesops, Proco, etc.), and also makes it dangerous for the runner to finish a run with lower credits than the Corp, which makes it much harder to remote lock.

SHOUTOUTS: Thanks specifically to BlueHg (for the tarot readings), Whiteblade111 (for all the testing help), Nememiah (for encouragement and advice), and all my other testing buddies for moral support and letting me murder them occasionally. <3

12 Dec 2019 YsengrinSC

Glad to me the schmuck who died to SEA Source HPT. I'll definitely be testing this for my next tournament!