Pizza Delivery Service (76th Euros 2018)

Bl4nk3t 614

Welcome to the home of our adorable dog mascot and state-of-the-art Artisanal Quality Foods. But before you eat, here are some important announcements:

Euros Report:

(1) The first round of Swiss, this got swept by a Peace in our Time / Tapwrm Hayley, winnig via a Mad Dash into the remote, stealing an Obokata Protocol for the win and thus without fear of a follow up Punitive Counterstrike.

(2) Second round of Swiss locked out Smoke eventually.

(3) Third game was the first actual kill of the day - on turn 3 no less! They where fooled by a Product Recall I showed with a Celebrity Gift while I hid my Punitive - even showing an Agenda (which was a House of Knives). They stole an Obokata Protocol from my open R&D which opened up the opportunity for a Turns out Angels are flammable. Regardless - the matchup was fun and I ended up splitting this round - with my runner being the first to see the Atlas Train leave for my opponent for the day, both of us leaving with a smile.

(4) Following up the Valencia, there was a Sunny, who could'nt find either breakers or a nexus soon enough - handing me an easy victory.

(5) Next round was a Valencia who managed to Turntable a hard earned Obokata Protocol for a measly House of Knives only to still be taxed out on money on the remote.

(6) After this, I managed to get agendas early and rush behind a Kakugo / Ash Server sealing the deal with threatening to score the winning Obokata which got stolen, but the runner flatlined from the follow up Service Personell visit

(7) The second to last match was against MaxX who was kept out by limited breaker availability at first and sadly not on net damage in the late game. This was quite a battle of currents - in the form of a recurrent Strike against the House of Knives and Philotic Entanglement if I remember correctly. So in the end we shared the fate of 27 Points in Round 7 - with just tiny specks of hope to reach the cut remaining if - and only if - we won the last round.

(8) Final game (of swiss) this deck got swept by Geist, who is just impossible to tax out on Net Damage / Cards in Grip with a usual Sports Hopper backed up by Geists ability and backup draw.

Overall result(Crop Side): 5/8 Wins - Losses against Geist, MaxX, Tapwrm-Hayley

I do think there was room for improvement - some cards did not perform as well as expected:

Suggested Changes: -2 Product Recall - I only considered actualy playing it once in the whole tournament. Sadly at times I could have made use of it I overinstalled the open Pālanā Agroplex with either NGO Front or another and then unrezzed Agroplex. In theory it could have been an IPO for 0 getting rid of an Agroplex which has outlived its usefulness but sadly that never came up in practice -1 Seidr Adaptive Barrier originally this was my solution to get an easy 6th HB card for the Alliance after the 3Ash 2X3ZB9CY and 2Archived Memories while also shoring up the low Barrier count. turns out datasucker is everywhere diminishing the value of a comparatively high strength as well as said strength being not that high to begin with due to a comparatively low ice count and being relatively expensive to rez as well.

+2 NGO Front so effective in baiting runs into the expensive remote, as well as a nasty economic surprise when a runner thinks a central safe to run due to low credit amouts. They work as well to turn off an agroplex as descibed above. +1 Anansi - Anansi really was the most valuable ICE and gave all the runners facing it a (sometimes net-damage-ariffically serious) headache.

Maybe another Gene Splicer to have another card which could be a never advance threat for the 3rd required agenda and/or extra net damage. Also I could see a Helheim Servers in here to make DNA Tracker and / or Anansi and / or Komainu that much more of a pain to deal with.