All-encompassing Satellite (2nd place at Haarlem Regionals)

Cpt_nice 1598

24/7 > BOOM! is still one of the surest combo's to easily kill the runner in the entire game. Quickly score Breaking News and another Agenda before they get their Aaron out. Do they have it on the table? Use MCA Informant and crush their dreams. Do they triumphantly laugh when they put their second one on the table? That's why you run 2 as well, suckah.

Often you will not even make a remote in this deck. Just keep your centrals safe (R&D vs Shaper, HQ vs Criminals, both against Anarch) and dig for those 2/1 agendas. If they do have a way to escape the kill, try to get some Switcheroo shenanigans going with EOI and be sure to not forget to trash all their assets for free if they go full-on tag me.