Surat Austerity (5/6th Australian Nationals)

Vicarin 132

Took the Surat based NEXT ice deck I've been using for a while, and shoved in MCAAP, which is a good card. Both of the Restores should have been Archived Memories, as I had issues getting enough SfSS to consistently fuel the ECs. Played Andy (L), GoW Whizz (W), DLR Andy (W), Andy (W), Smoke (ID) in the Swiss, then Andy (L) and Sifr Whizz (L) in the cut (couldn't draw SfSSs in a timely manner to save my life in either game, though both were close).

Basically, shove a MCAAP behind gear check ice and charge it up, score an EC or EU from HQ using it, then turtle up and use agendas to FA more agendas. Or just keep installing MCAAPs and make the runner have only 3 clicks every turn of the entire game.