Punitive Jinja (3-1 San Antonio Regional)

Therebrae 7

This is pretty well a copy of BlueHG's Redder is Better with a few changes, read their write-up not mine. I lost once vs. Apoc 419, Won vs. 1 Apex, 1 Smoke and 1 Liza. Overall was a very, very solid deck.

The changes I made were -1 Gatekeeper, -1 Slot Machine, -2 Beanstalk Royalties, +1 Mausolus, +1 Fairchild 3.0, +2 Rashida Jaheem. They mentioned that Gatekeeper didn't seem to pull its weight so I thought I'd try to include a Fairchild for the surprise factor. Most people don't seem as keen to run on click 1 against Weyland so I got it's facecheck value twice on the day. Cutting the Slot machine was likely a mistake (especially because the 3x advance is almost always relevant in this deck) and could be -1 FC 3.0, -1 Afshar, - Mausolus, +3 Slot Machine.

Much love to the SA meta and thanks to @shazzner and @doomrat for setting up and running the tournament. I can't wait to get back into the game even harder than I had before the cancellation by FFG.